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You know me well, my brain and my body, what makes me tick, what makes me laugh, what excites me and what makes me cry. I know what you're thinking Rich, what you think of me, the effect of a single fingernail creating a trail on your cheek, how your day goes from the very early morning until you call it quits and the lights turned out at a very reasonable hour.

Yet in a thousand conversations we have never treaded on the subject of politics. You know my uncompromising position here online which I bitterly defend and, many times, regret my harshness the next day. I believe I know how you will vote but will never ask. I'm afraid it would lead to an escalating argument and a divide that would not be forgotten.

I watched "60 Minutes" last night, channel surfing from my Sunday night hotel room bed. The ancient historical author David McCullough was interviewed by the equally ancient Morey Safir and he recalled times (from his 12 x 12 writing cottage complete with typewriter on Martha's Vineyard) when the opposing parties disagreed but compromised and pounded out divergent thinking into great laws.

McCullough and Safir visited Independence Hall where a disliked and soft-spoken Thomas Jefferson led vehement, table-pounding vitriol and with a quill pen to paper wrote the Declaration of Independence, a convergence of many into a single document that kick-started our nation.

Safir interviewed Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, the dem and repub senatorial leaders, respectively. They've been at each other for 30 years on the Senate floor. They remain friends and rivals, unlike, it seems, the current crop of Congress who would deploy one of the handguns that wrongly proliferate our nation if it could get past the metal detector at the front entrance to the Senate chambers.

My EP friend JoeyFoxx takes an opposing political view, calmly backs his argument with facts which can be interpreted many ways and diffuses my heated responses by remaining as cool as the proverbial cucumber. This morning Goliath Tree parried my attempt to steer his claim that non-union line crews were turned away by New Jersey into darker political waters by answering then quickly asking how my family was coping with the hurricane aftermath. Dontcha know when a girl wants to claw, scratch and bite?

Enough of the political ads ad nauseum, all things political and the divisiveness politics has created. We know a much better way.

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Posted on 09:40AM on Nov 5th, 2012
Imagine for a moment how much progress would be made were we all to agree on everything. A stagnant world would result and the only interesting thing would be sex. Wait......
Posted on 09:43AM on Nov 5th, 2012
Those two "friends" should be embarrassed. I loved how 60 Minutes described the Senate as something that used to be admired the world 'round. It's a sad state of affairs where we are no longer interested in finding common ground to move forward. We are only interested in making the other guy look bad.

We do know a better way. It's instinctive. It's what happens the days after a storm when people come together to help one another.

We need to learn to trust.

I never fear an argument with my good friend Katie. While we have different philosophies, we listen to one another and try to understand the other's perspective. No one should claim to know it all, and we don't.

We do know a better way. Let's make it happen, regardless of who wins all the various elections. Let us think globally and act locally. Let us stop all the talk and take action. Let's stop all the incessant arguing over semantics. Let us cheer on the person that works regardless of affiliation.

As Nike says: Just Do It.
Posted on 09:47AM on Nov 5th, 2012
It was not the state, It was not the power company, It was not the local goverments that turned away the non-union workers. It was the union local for the the power company that did not and refused to work with them. Refused to direct them to the required areas that they needed to be. Who is to blame here ? The general union workforce ? Or the few top union leaders whe felt that they were a danger to the union jobs with thier employer ?

Its sad that in a state of emergency someone would let their swollen head get in the way of well being of the general public. Politics, public politics had nothing to do with it. It was private union politics that got in the way of that. I am not anti union. But in this case, they screwed up big time.
Posted on 09:54AM on Nov 5th, 2012
*sigh* Unions are meant to protect, not to obstruct. We have lost our way. We have learned to malign and complain instead of stand up and work.

We need to stay on a better path.
Posted on 10:48AM on Nov 5th, 2012
@NudistGuy: it never ******* happened. The unions, especially the IBEW, and Gov. Christie said it was rumor created to discredit the Gov by the insane, fringe right. Both said all help would be welcomed with open arms.
Posted on 04:26PM on Nov 5th, 2012
Well you are wise to steer clear of politics with rich. I certainly don't talk to my delusional dee when it comes to politics. She silently puts up with my assault rifles hanging on the wall, and I do not disturb her incense and candles around her obama shrine. Though admittedly I do sneak a sweet now and again that she leaves as a offering. We all have to live together regardless of how crazy we think one another is. Ultimately, if we let it, the commonality of our love for one another will trump any difference of opinion of how this nation should be run. Regardless, when the dollar collapses and a new political party is formed to resurrect the devistated u.s. from the smoldering ruins of it's global arrogance. It will be the global unification party headed by his holy eminence and the people's great leader Barack Obama.
Posted on 04:32PM on Nov 5th, 2012
knew there was a reason I luvs ya. too bad murder is a felony and ya can't vote tomorrow.
Posted on 08:52PM on Nov 5th, 2012
KT unfortunately politics will bring out the worst in all of us but no matter who gets in these polititions will only think of themselves.Everyone has the right to vote and have an opinion.If one man gets in there will be people complain and the same with the other. No matter who wins the only winner is the politition. We have the same problems in Australia, but no matter where you are your vote counts and if someone dissagrees.......bad luck. But to let politics come between I never thought it would happen. But a message to all remember your vote does counts but dont let if come between your freinds. I'm not sure exactly how your voting system works over there but here we dont vote for who leads our country, e vote for our local member and who ever gets the most seats well the leader of that party becomes the leader of our country. Ok well I've said My bit. Have your vote and good luck.
Posted on 05:42AM on Nov 8th, 2012
Oh babes … you may know how to make me smile, weak in the knees and how I feel slipping past your lips, but how I voted not a chance. Your assumption based on issues of importance to me yes, however, in times of great challenge the whole out weighs the pieces.

And if you are challenging me to a debate, I gladly accept. You name the time, I the stage. The winner determined by the one with enough strength left to raise a single finger.
Posted on 07:39AM on Nov 8th, 2012
Dear Nudie, the ranting, posturing and duplicity (and worse) that marks politics and our out of touch politicians is so trivial to the big picture of what's truly important. I'll never let it litter the landscape or waste a second of important time with you.
Posted on 03:26PM on Nov 8th, 2012
Perfect, just perfect from you always. No wonder I care for you so.
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