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I have never been quite sure of the exact purpose of a person's blog and approached this with reluctance. I've read many and many have been interesting. In just the past few days I've caught up with Shannon's beautifully written song sung on her vid with her beautifully fragile yet elegant voice (think gossamer and butterfly wings), Allergic's skillfully crafted website, her guitar strummin and her earthy, robust voice, and HLP's trip through Chicago's Art Institute and the artists that reached out and grabbed the hillbilly by the collar and said to him, "You sit here and look."

And then it hit me:  A blog is something that is important to a person made important to the reader especially if there is a connection of some sort. It could also be "just for the writer." it could be what the person is good at, likes to do, hates, finds amusing, a point of view or a rant. It could be a secret. It's always personal.

My first blog touches on several of those points, plus an admission:  I cry during movies. If there's a scene that can be remotely perceived as sad, my brain runs with it and the tears gush. No, not during the ridiculous, humorous or arcane but all others. Love gone bad, love gone good, boy gets girl or loses girl . . . any turning moment .. .  any at all . . .  doesn't matter. Turn on the faucet. 

My fiance (who's getting amazingly good at calling the exact second of the very first tear and all of them thereafter; Persnickety too, my doggie, has nailed down the moment and bursts on and up off my lap to lick the tears) and I watched three movies over the weekend and I've been left with a sore, red face. What could I do? They were all tear jerkers. Well, to me. 

The gorgeous Kate Hudson, a smiling, happy go lucky, creative advertising exec, learns early in the movie "A Little Bit of Heaven"  that she is stricken with late stage colon cancer. While the movie doesn't really deal with the morbidity of the disease . . .  it's for a wide audience . . . it aptly describes the relationships she has with friends and family including an exquisite turn by Kathy Bates as annoying, loving mom ...  as everybody's mom.  A bit of corny but she falls for a young doc (the too skinny, too short Gael Garcia Bernal) which makes for several touching and very wet scenes. 

Then there was the even more gorgeous (on Katie's beauty/lust-o-meter) Jennifer Love Hewitt in the farcical "If Only" where she plays a music student and teacher, studying in London, falls for the handsome and moral young man (Oooo, the accent!!), gets in an argument and .... BAM . . . she dies in a taxi accident. I wailed. next scene there she is. Handsome young businessman gets a second chance to save her. Romantic scenes. Crying. She jumps into his arms. Crying. She pouts and gets sad at the restaurant. More crying. Same taxi scene. BAM. He dies. Hysterical crying. 

The coup de grace came this afternoon with the Tom Hanks movie, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." Nixed at the movies 'cause the title was too long and "not another 9/11 movie." But you can't beat free (ripped from the Internet from .... never mind. It was two hours of bawl-haul. Every single moment about the movie was sad:  Hanks is an inquisitive and thoughtful dad who teaches his young son those exact traits. With fatal luck, he dies in the upper floors of the World Trade Center attending a meeting he never attends. The precocious son finds a key in a jar in his father's closet and sets out with a single clue, the last name of "Black", to find what that key opens. Thumbs up on this one across the board but bring the tissues.

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Posted on 07:08PM on Apr 8th, 2012
So sentimental, you look as beautiful as anyone ever has with red eyes and a runny nose.
Posted on 07:13PM on Apr 8th, 2012
Oh sweetie, somehow no surprise at all. It is who you are and what makes you so special .... no not the tears silly.
Posted on 07:19PM on Apr 8th, 2012
Well I'll give you a thumbs up for your first blog. It's a good one, and you're right that people write them for many and varied reasons. I usually write them to inform friends about more personal things that are happening to me that are not really appropriate in a public story post. But I've also posted other stuff too ... I suppose it depends on how the mood takes me.

As for tear-jerker movies ... well, practically anything happy or sad has the potential to make me bawl ... I was blaming it on becoming a sentimental old woman ... but seeing that you're just a whippersnapper ... perhaps that's not the reason after all!

I'll never forget when my mother and I had sat watching "Wuthering Heights" (the old black and white version) and my father came home to find us both bawling our eyes out ... he thought there'd been some terrible news or an accident or something ... he spent the next hour or more teasing us about it. Men! They just don't get it do they?
Posted on 08:36PM on Apr 8th, 2012
Tears are normal, especially when watching a movie like A Little Bit Of Heaven. I may not shed tears but movies like that do make my eyes swell. These things do help us bring out our sensative side and theres nothing wrong with that. Even for an old bloke like myself. Keep up the writing hun and enjoy your tearjerkers.
Posted on 09:12PM on Apr 8th, 2012
awwww, I am so glad I found this! You are too sweet for words...i mean it! And an amazing writer! If crying at sad/beautiful movie scenes are your Achilles heal then you got lucky!! And I have to admit, i think it's cute trait too (as i'm sure your fiance does)
Posted on 10:21PM on Apr 8th, 2012
oh, Katie.. I went to see Wrath of the Titans with a friend this week. Cried. Not happy about admitting it, but yep. Cried.
Posted on 12:31AM on Apr 9th, 2012
very good blog. I enjoyed reading it and learning about another part if what makes you who you are.
Posted on 04:35PM on Apr 9th, 2012
Oh, hun. I cry during movies too--I just can't help it! There are a ton of people like us out there, who are more touched by certain happenings, and I don't think I would trade it for the world. We're human and we feel at extremes, but I think that just makes for a bit of a fuller life.
Posted on 08:41AM on Apr 10th, 2012
Lacrimae rerum.

I kinda feel bad for all those who don' experience emotions at this level. When we watch 'Remember The Titans' my girls are more focused on my eyes than the movie half the time.
Posted on 10:39PM on Apr 11th, 2012
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Posted on 06:13AM on Apr 12th, 2012 and I would get along just dandy!.....I have GOT to see the Tom Hanks have to tell me where that was from...hehe
Posted on 08:05AM on Apr 12th, 2012
Amazing job on writing your first blog entry. You hit upon a number of items and flowed smoothly from one to another. And shedding a tear or two. Welcome to the club.
Posted on 03:37PM on Apr 12th, 2012
Awww....I think your first blog ROCKS...I love them because they seem to sometimes pull us into the everyday doings of folks***just like you did here*** and that lets me get to know the person better. I try to do the same when I write one.

I think its sweet that you get right into the emotional feelings in a movie.... It just says you can reach out and relate to things and that ROCKS! What's a few tears....sounds like Persnickety-pup has a grip on them...or maybe that should say, "lick on em!" :D
Posted on 03:59AM on Jun 12th, 2012
A caring, loving, empathetic lady also makes a perfect angel to offer your shirt to, along with long loving hugs and sweet kisses. I really liked this blog. I fully agree with sierra's comments too.
Posted on 07:07PM on Aug 7th, 2012
I think my favourite part of this is that your dog is called Persnickety. Original and brilliant.

Lemme guess, do you call him Percy?
Posted on 08:17AM on Feb 25th, 2014
I just read all of your blogs. I hope you are doing well.
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